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Published 2011, Softbound, Illustrated,38 pp.

History can be entertaining for both youngsters and adults as evidenced by this Activity Book. Responding to a need for resource materials on local history by Marion area elementary school teachers, a group comprised of both working and retired teachers, local artists, and the Director of MCHS combined to create an entirely original publication. With a primary focus on activities which younger students can complete while also learning about significant aspects of Marion’s history, the activities and information also proved to be of interest to older audiences including adults.

Incorporating all original art works donated by Marion area artists, the book utilizes crosswords, coloring pages, connect-the-dots, word finds, Morse code, word scrambles and various other activities to cover a wide range of Marion history topics. While most of the activities are designed for younger students, there are also several “Challenge Pages” which require more skills to complete. Also included are more than 75 “Vocabulary Helpers” which assist the students with understanding words within the context of which

they are used.

The publication was honored by the Ohio Local History Alliance as a winner of the 2011 History Outreach Award.


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