Map of the Sandusky Plains – How It Was Created


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by Kensel Clutter

The Map of the Sandusky Plains is the culmination of years of research by Kensel E. Clutter.  Compiled from a variety of sources including an 1819 U.S. Government Congressional Survey, aerial survey maps, and U.S. Geological Survey maps, the map shows a comprehensive view of the vegetative history of Marion County circa 1819. As a supplement to the map itself, the book goes “behind the scenes” to detail how  the data was collected and compiled into map form.

Kensel E. Clutter was born in 1919 and has lived in the Sandusky Plains all of his life.  Before retiring from farming in 1986, he became interested in prairie vegetation. Since then, he has searched for new prairie species and studied nearly every area of the Sandusky Plains by car and on foot. He manages the Claridon Prairie and the Trella Romine Prairie  for the Marion County           Historical Society as well as a prairie garden at his home


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