The Doctors Sawyers’ Sanatoriums -Vol. I


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In The Doctors Sawyers‘ Sanatoriums Vol. I, author Randy Winland chronicles the story of two generations of Marion County physicians and the sanatoriums they built and operated. The journey begins with the opening of Dr. Charles E. Sawyer’s medical practice in the village of LaRue, Ohio. Over the next thirty years, Dr. Sawyer and his son, Dr. Carl Sawyer, create a renowned sanatorium on South Main Street in Marion while also serving at the forefront of civic and medical endeavors.

Using information gathered from thousands of newspaper articles, interviews, and other sources, and enhanced with vintage photographs, Winland brings to life the people and events that comprise The Doctors Sawyers’ Sanatoriums.

Volume I is author Randy Winland’s fifth book documenting historic topics related to  Marion County, Ohio.  All proceeds from the sale go to benefit the Marion County Historical Society.