The Woodland Elves: Buried Treasure


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In this book, life expands for the elves. This book is a voyage of discovery into a seldom-seen world of relationships.  For those expecting only a book about elves, this isn’t it! A story about courage, passion, and discovery, this book challenges the elves to be better and hopefully, it will challenge humans to be better also. The elves are exposed to glimpses of the marvelous differences and commonness that exist in the hearts of elves beyond their own familiar forest and they discover that relationships are worth the risk. As the elves celebrate their differences, the question that continues to arise is, “What’s it like to be YOU?”

Shary and Jay Johnston show us how much wonder there is to be revealed as the elves learn to understand and care for their fellow travelers on this planet. This book is a beacon of hope that will inspire everyone to work towards peace, love, and joy. Our hope is that it will ignite the passion of a child to discover the secrets to be found in friendships everywhere as they are developing an appreciation and respect for all living beings. This book is a rare journey about one small path towards peace.

A book series for all those with a childlike spirit written by Shary Williams and illustrated by Jay Johnston.