Capital Campaign

Project Title:

Revitalizing Heritage Hall

Project Description:

The Marion County Historical Society housed in Heritage Hall, the circa 1910 “Old Post Office” and National Register building, requires repair to improve the leaking roof, the HVAC system (of the six rooftop units, one works, one is A/C only, and the others no longer function in any capacity). In addition, our exterior and the interior have been damaged by water leaks caused by roofing wear and masonry issues, allowing water to seep into the building. After meeting with architect Paul Omness, Omness Design, Inc. Architecture and Planning, we evaluated building issues and the cost of building improvements to our structure. Paul identified four key projects:

   ·          Roof:

The terracotta roof, original to the circa 1910 building, and the rubber membrane roof were last replaced in 1991. Remove the tile roof and underlayment, put down the new self-adhering underlayment, and replace the tile and patch as required. Tear off membrane roof to structural deck; Install new rigid deck and membrane roof. Repair & repoint or seal parapet stone head joints.

·         HVAC:

Remove the old system, replace it with an efficient system, rework ducting where needed, and electrical allowances.

·         Exterior Work:

Replace east side window well concrete, repair, straighten, repoint stone wall, clean repair, repoint stone steps, clean area drains, and add bird jolt electrical repellant track.

·         Interior Work:

Repair Interior plaster, paint all walls, and paint floors where needed.

We initially started our campaign with a goal of $700,000, which our architect has adjusted to $900,000 for inflation. As of 10/05/2023, we have raised $668,348.00 (74% of our $900,000 Goal).

Once we receive approval for our Building Plan from the State of Ohio, our architect will start accepting bids for the roof, work beginning by late Fall 2023. The cost estimate was $230,000. We received funding from the state of Ohio, $200,000, and Marion Community Foundation, $41,648.

The HVAC is our next project and will be completed in tandem with the roof; we have an electrical engineer, Hill Engineering, working with our architect. We received $235,000 from the Marion County Commissioners towards this project, which is estimated at $279,000.

Exterior work will begin in Spring 2024. The City of Marion (Marion City Council) approved MCHS for a CDBG grant of $80,000.

The final project will be the interior; this project will require additional funding due to recent issues caused by two unexpected roof leaks last winter. We now have a need for additional plaster repair.

We will continue fundraising until the last 26% of our goal is met.

Funds Raised to date:

  • State of Ohio: $200,000
  • Marion Community Foundation: $41,648
  • Marion County Commissioners: $235,000
  • Private Donors: $111,700
  • City of Marion CDBG Grant: $80,000

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