Historic Sites in Marion County for Bike Riders

compiled March 23, 2009 by Trella H. Romine to Dan Sheridan

Claridon Township

Claridon Prairie

East of State Route 98 for one mile to Ulsh Road, between CSX Railroad and Marion Galion Road. Nearly 100 native prairie species have survived in this area.

Whetstone River Road North follows the Moccasin Trail of the Delaware and Wyandot Indians whose hunting grounds were here.

Terradise, home of Trella Romine at 1536 Whetstone River Road North, soon to become the Terradise Nature Center.

Thew Cemetery. Burials of many pioneer families at curve of Whetstone River Road

south of left turn of State Route 746


1, Warren G. Harding’s boyhood home (Ohio Historical Marker)

2, Memorial Methodist Church On National Register of Historic Places.

  1. Pioneer Cemetery along river in village north of RR.
  2. Town Hall. Built in 1891 Caledonia Argus (later The Enterprise published here).

North of Caledonia over Whetstone River

Espyville Road Bowstring Bridge. On National Register of Historic Places.

Moved in 1976 to provide access to Caledonia Nature Preserve

that is now property of Marion County Park District.

Donated by village of Caledonia


South of Caledonia

Lincolnshire red brick, one room school

State Route 746, south of Marion Williamsport Road.

Named for mostly English who settled Claridon Township.

Terradise Nature Preserve, property of Marion County Park District

Dead end of Marion Williamsport Road off State Route 746.


Claridon  (originally proposed as site of county seat)

Claridon Cemetery

South side at East edge of Claridon crossroads

Aye monument (conglomerate rock sometimes identified as meteorite) moved from across river.

North side at east edge:

Doctor DeVore’s home, Brick Victorian.

(Family tradition: Jacob Howser went bankrupt when he built his home at corner of Williams Road to equal the Doctor’s. Both houses are still homes.

West of Claridon on State Route 95

Jacob Howser home at 4115 Marion Mt Gilead Road

Now Howard and Karen Seckel Home, Brick Victorian.

Built by Jacob Howser who owned extensive property. Member of Marion Importing Company who brought Prince Imperial from France, from stable of Emperor Napoleon III. (Now mounted at Heritage Hall).

Modern Structures of Note

Along SR 309 west of SR 98. Ohio Historic Marker.

Marion Engineer Depot during World War II. Closed in 1965, 1970’s Purchased by Ted Graham and now known as Marion Industrial Center and Marion Intermodal.

Prisoners of War Camp at Marion Engineer Depot. Ohio Historic Marker.

River Valley School District (2004)

Liberty Elementary School. State Route 739 south of Caledonia

Heritage Elementary School. State Route 98 south of SR 95

River Valley Middle and High School. State Route 95 at Brocklesby Road.

Abandoned River Valley High School and Middle School

South of SR 309 on SR 98

Storage of VW recalled diesel vehicles 

Tri Rivers Career Center

Menards 2008

North side along SR 95 east of US 23 overpass.

Meijer Supermarket

South side along SR 95 east of US 23 overpass.

Verizon (General Telephone & Electronics complex GTE(1972)

Southeast Corner of State Routes 309 and 98.

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