Memories of Marion County Villages

New book on Marion County villages will be also be available for purchase for the first time.

Ever wonder where Adelaide, Cy Plunk, Letimberville, Tomahawk Creek, or perhaps Van Buskirk were in Marion County? Do you know what the Morral Brothers, James Howser, and a whiskey magnate all had in common? What did a 25-foot- long ear of corn, 20 men named Bill, and Jim Thorpe all share?

Learn the answers to these questions, as well as many other little-known bits of local history, when the Marion County Historical Society presents the program “Memories of Marion County Villages” on Thursday, September 21. Local historian and author Randy Winland will share more than 125 vintage images of Marion County villages and communities along with the accompanying narration.

Several local historians and long-time village residents will also be present to answer questions about the villages as well as to reminisce about some of the people and events that made living in the small communities so special. Scheduled to be in attendance are Jim Anderson, Jane Burkett, Douglas Denzer, Charlie Evers, Jim Forry Jr., Richard Johnson, John Knickel, Rebecca Johnson Oldham, Wayne Porter, and Jack Whiteamire.

In addition to the presentation, a book release and sale will also be featured as part of the evening’s activities. Marion County, which was researched and written by Winland, features more than 210 postcard images and accompanying commentaries of the villages and communities of Marion County. Also included is a brief summary history of the founding of each village. All of the images came from local postcard collectors who graciously shared their collections for use in the book.

The cost of the publication is $23.50 with 100% of the proceeds from the sales, as well as all royalties, going to help support the programs and operations of the Marion County Historical Society.

Marion County is the second book Winland has written in the Arcadia Publishing postcard history series. His first book, Marion, focused on the city of Marion. It will also be available for purchase along with several other local history publications.

The evening will begin at 7:00pm in the Auditorium at Tri-Rivers Career Center. The program is provided at no cost (although donations are sincerely appreciated) as a “thank you” for the community support of the Historical Society and its efforts to preserve and share the rich history of Marion County.

For more information, contact the Marion County Historical Society at 740-387- 4255.

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